Protected: Your Cry

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Seven Counties

For people who have drug and alcohol problems, mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities, and the like, Seven Counties is often the place to go for various forms of treatment. Seven Counties serves in a cost-efficient manner, allowing people with low income the services that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The Seven Counties mission is to … More Seven Counties

Gender Inequality

In this day and age, many would say that we have reached a point of equality. They’d say that everyone has the exact same opportunity to excel as the next guy, no matter what. This is where they are very wrong, and they probably even know it. What one knows in their heart and what … More Gender Inequality

What not to do

When I was 17-18, one of my younger brothers was in the room next to the kitchen, crying. I asked him what was wrong, and he refused to tell me. I persisted, telling him that I cared and wanted to know what was bothering him so much. He finally gave in, but blew up on … More What not to do