Seven Counties

For people who have drug and alcohol problems, mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities, and the like, Seven Counties is often the place to go for various forms of treatment. Seven Counties serves in a cost-efficient manner, allowing people with low income the services that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The Seven Counties mission is to serve clients by improving their overall mental health, allowing them to live productive lives that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise succeed in.

Seven Counties treats people with mental illness, medicine management, one-on-one and group therapy, case management, and assists with legal problems. The Downtown location has a computer lab for clients, various groups all throughout the week, and has a direct link to Vocational Alternatives, which helps with employment for people with mental illness.

Aaron Bates works at a location in Downtown Louisville. His job title is Court Liaison, and he spent six years in college to obtain his Master’s in Psychology. He wanted to serve in the Human Services field because he enjoyed talking to people and helping them with their various problems, and they liked coming to him for advice.

Aaron was motivated by his high school Psychology teacher (this was about when he developed an early fascination with Freud) to get into some form of psychology. He often gets to meet with prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys to offer problem solving ideas for some peoples’ cases. He works in the courts from Monday through Thursday, spending a bit of time, usually Friday’s at his location.

Aaron feels that there are too limited of funds to help most of their clients as much as they would like. Some clients have problems with finding housing and paying bills, so they might end up referring them elsewhere for those specifics. Aaron appreciates the variety in his work, talking to various different people on a day-to-day basis, and working on cases with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

In closing, I asked him what his advice would be if I wanted to work in Human Services, but also having an interest in the courts He said that depending on how far I wanted to go, I would have an easier time getting work as a victim advocate, some form of support staffing in the courts, or working for the VA. Adding to that, he said that I couldn’t go wrong with continuing in my educational progression, at least getting my Bachelor’s. Apparently, most jobs in Psychology require a Bachelor’s degree as the minimum for consideration on employment.

As a current client of 7C’s, I see almost every employee at every visit. I see them juggling with lots of data as well as clients in person. I can even say that I’ve developed a very refreshing rapport with most of the people there. They have seen me at my worst, and they likely have noticed more growth from me than I have seen in myself. I can say that over the past few years, I have learned to acknowledge the qualities in others, just as much as my own. If it weren’t for this avenue of support, I would have likely fallen one final time and become lost in the system in some way. As a student pursuing a degree in Human Services, and finally proactively working on my goals and treatment in therapy, I can finally see the possibility of 7C’s being a closer entity in my very near future. If it weren’t for these wonderful people, I don’t know where I would be. I used to hate the place. I can finally see it as being a possible place of employment so that I can pay it forward just as they had for me. Aaron has a very difficult job, just as many that I speak to on a fairly regular basis. Seeing what kind of work they do, I am inspired to continue working towards doing very similar things in my not-so-distant future.


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